About Us

What is Afripreneur Conference?

Africa Entrepreneur Conference (Afriprenuer Conference) is an international gathering of African entrepreneurs, businesspeople and investors. The conference also brings together students and professionals as it seeks to promote entrepreneurship for jobs and wealth creation across the length and breadth of the continent thereby transforming the continent through entrepreneurship.

Africa has the largest youth population in the world with average age 19 and the current challenge of unemployment. Study from African Centre for Economic Transformation, claims over 10 million graduates churned out each year from more than 668 universities across the continent with no available employment.

Hundreds of others in search of better life and opportunities die each week in the Sahara desert and in the Mediterranean Sea embarking on dangerous journey enroute to Europe. The way forward for Africa is entrepreneurship, and Afripreneur Conference offers the platform to inspire young African people to establish businesses and create jobs and wealth for the transformation of the continent.

In Africa, we do not have enough high profile multinationals built by Africans, to which young Africans can look to and say to themselves, “yes we can”. America unlike Africa has many entrepreneurs who have built big businesses which are like beacon to the new generation of American entrepreneurs. We in Africa do not have that road map. Can you imagine America without Coca Cola or Ford automobile?

We Africans, we want to look up and see large African businesses and companies. We want African companies to mushroom all over the continent and become global champions; and we do not want them just be from South Africa or Nigeria or Egypt or Ghana but we want to see them from Malawi, Liberia, Rwanda, Sudan and Togo. We want young African entrepreneurs to begin to think big, think global and grow bigger to disrupt the world.

Afripreneur conference provides the platform to lead a revolution in Africa by championing a global campaign to challenge young African entrepreneurs to think big, think global and grow bigger.


To promote entrepreneurship for employment and wealth creation thereby reduce the rate of unemployment, hunger and poverty across the continent of Africa and raise the living standard of our people.


To see African companies mushroom all over the continent from A to Z: Angola to Zimbabwe and become global champions that can boost our economy and drive growth to move Africa forward.